Selected exhibitions


Facsimile. TAKT Kunstprojektraum. Friedrichshain. Berlin. Germany. July16-20 2017

Blush. State, Auckland. New Zealand. July14-August 12 2017

Southern Paradigms. Pah Homestead, James Wallace Arts Trust. Auckland. New Zealand. May 23-July 16 2017

Excessive Memory. Dunedin School of Art Gallery. Dunedin New Zealand. March 3-8 2017


Questions for the Universe. Inge Doesbiurg Gallery. Dunedin. New Zealand

Anarcadium. Artists Room. Dunedin. New Zealand

When Memory Becomes Excessive. AS Gallery. Dunedin. new Zealand


Inge Doesburg Gallery. Dunedin. New Zealand. December 2015


New Dunedin Painting. Brick Brothers Gallery. Dunedin. New Zealand. 14 June - 26 June 2014

STAFF. Aigantighe Gallery. Timaru. New Zealand. 29 August - 12 October 2014

STAFF. Forrester Gallery. Oamaru. New Zealand. 28 june - 24 August 2014


I AM BRAVE YET I FEAR MY OWN BREATH. Ashburton Art Gallery, Ashburton. New Zealand. 30 March - 5 May 2013.


2THEPOWEROF2 - PYRAMID SCHEME XPONENTIAL ART AVALANCHE - CREATION: CHAOS EMERGES. 24 - 29 August 2012. CREATION SHOW RUNNING 3-29 August 2012. Ufferstraße 6, Wedding. Berlin Germany

Building Utopia. TAKT Kunstprojektraum. Friedrichshain, Berlin. Germany. 15 - 23 September 2012.

Speaking in Hushed Voices. Dunedin. New Zealand. March 13 2012.

Smoke and mirrors: Painting, Isolation and Tradition. The Eastern Southland Gallery, Gore. New Zealand. April 28 - 16 June 2012.

Smoke and mirrors: Painting, Isolation and Tradition. Forrester Gallery, Oamaru. New Zealand. January 28 - March 2012.


Smoke and mirrors: Painting, Isolation and Tradition. Ashburton Art Gallery, Ashburton. New Zealand. October 1 - November 4 2011.


Smoke and mirrors: Painting, Isolation and Tradition. Group Show with Peter Cleverley and Anya Sinclair. Dunedin School of Art Gallery, Art News NZ p35 ISSN 1174-1155. September 15 – October 1 2010.

Will You Miss Me When I Burn. Solo Show. Dunedin School of Art Gallery at Otago Polytechnic. Dunedin. New Zealand, May 6-14 2010.


Painting after Painting: Losing Faith in the History of Painting. Scope: Contemporary Research Topics (Art), Issue 3, November, 2008. pp. 162-167.


WO WARST DO ADAM?. Group Show with Pete Wheeler, Greg Lewis and Philip James Frost. Whitespace Gallery, 13 Nov -2 Dec.

Common Memory. Two Person Show with Isaac Leuchs. The Peter Rae Gallery, DUNEDIN, September 2006.


Urban Life Year of the Built Environment 2005. Group Show, Shed 11, Queens Wharf, Jervois Quay, Wellington, 6-14 December.

Tacit. Solo Show. The Peter Rae Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2nd July - 20 July.

Shifting Views. Group show, Gallery 33. 33 Helwick Street. Wanaka, New Zealand.


New Small Works. Group Show. The Peter Rae Gallery. Dunedin New Zealand, 26 November - 15 December.

New Paintings. The Peter Rae Gallery. Dunedin, 10-28 July.

Departures. The Morgan Street Gallery. Newmarket Auckland, 28 May - 16 June.


New Work. The Peter Rae Gallery, Dunedin New Zealand, December 2003.

X4. Group Show with Simon Kaan, Claire Beynon and David Shennan. The Peter Rae Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand, August 2003.


Eight is Enough - Emerging Dunedin Artist's. Group Show with Pete Wheeler, Sam Foley, Greg Lewis, Philip James Frost, Angus Collins, CITE Gallery 4b Brown Street Ponsonby Auckland PO BOX 47-571 (no longer operating), 30 November-13 December 2002.